Whidbey Green Seal

The Whidbey Green Seal is a certificate program that publicly recognizes organizations (business, non-profit and tax-supported entities) that actively implement resource conservation measures, demonstrate a culture of environmental awareness in their operational activities, and practice social responsibility in their community.


The Green Team at Whidbey General Hospital, showing off their Whidbey Green Seal


Apply for the Whidbey Green Seal today!

If you own or run an organization with a public location on Whidbey Island and want to apply for a Whidbey Green Seal, click here to fill out the paperless WGS application. Or you can download an application here.


SWC Coordinator, Melody Kuschnereit, presenting a Whidbey Green Seal to The Fleet and Readiness Center Northwest of the United States Navy.


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“Green Event Kit”

Marian Myszkowski, Goosefoot's Director of Program and Fund Develooment

Marian Myszkowski, Goosefoot’s Director of Program and Fund Development

It is easy to make your event Green!

In lieu of a Whidbey Green Seal for Events certification, we have put together a “Green Event Kit”. Here you will find a suggested checklist to record your progress, and all of the resources you need to throw an environmentally responsible event. No need to turn in an application and await for our reply. This is a completely self sufficient process.

Click here for the Green Event Kit.


Green Event Ideas and Suggestions

  • Plan early so that events can be designed with environmental consideration in mind.
  • Encourage guests to find alternative transportation to the event, such as bus, bike or carpool.
  • Request guests to bring their own reusable plates, cups, and utensils, when possible.
  • Use reusable name tags, and collect them after use to save for the next event.
  • Place recycling bins next to garbage bins.
  • Use washable rags and towels, rather than disposable ones.
  • Put out a compost collection bin for paper and food waste.
  • Purchase products made of recycled material, and sourced locally whenever possible.
  • Check out the Whidbey Green Seal directory first when choosing vendors and services.

For more tips on your next GREEN event, visit http://www.stopwaste.org/docs/specialevents-swp.pdf

If you have any questions on concerns, contact us at greenseal@sustainablewhidbey.org


Past Whidbey Green Seal Events:

Sound Waters in February of 2012 was the very first event to officially earn their Whidbey Green Seal.

Other Whidbey Green Seal Events:

Earth Day at Bayview Corner, April 22, 2012

The Backyard Wildlife Habitat Fair June 2, 2012

Whidbey General Hospital’s Employee Appreciate Picnic/Craft Fair, Aug 8, 2012

Race-the-Reserve, Aug 11, 2012

Bishop’s Committee on the Environmental Retreat, Aug 18, 2012

The Sustainable Whidbey Coalition’s Second Annual Fall Forum, October 25, 2012

Sound Waters, February 2, 2013


All future events will not be officially “certified”, but you are welcome to show off your sustainability efforts and let your guests know that your event used the Whidbey Green Seal, “Green Event Kit” as a reference.




Architect Matthew Swett, sitting on the Living Roof of his office at Taproot Architects.

Architect Matthew Swett, sitting on the Living Roof of his office at Taproot Architects.



Did You Know?

85% of people in Whatcom County expressed preference for doing business with companies that are working to save energy and 51% expressed a strong preference.
-Data based on a scientific survey completed through Sustainable Connections in Bellingham

There is an average 10-15% savings potential in utility costs (electricity, natural gas, propane, water, sewer and waste) over several years, through focus on improvements in operation and maintenance practices.
-Data from PSE Resource Conservation Management program

80% of CEOs say the financial downturn has raised the importance of sustainability and is being recognized as a source of cost efficiencies and revenue growth and a way of driving growth in new markets.
-UN Global Compact and Accenture study, “A New Era of Sustainability”

96% of CEOs stated sustainability should be fully embedded into their company strategy and operations (up from 72% in 2008).
-UN Global Compact and Accenture study, “A New Era of Sustainability”

88% of CEOs stated sustainability should be embedded throughout global supply chain.    Survey of 766 worldwide CEOs, including 50 in-depth interviews.
-UN Global Compact and Accenture study, “A New Era of Sustainability”

83% of Americans want MORE of the products, services and retailers they use to support causes. The 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study is the nation’s longest Cause Branding benchmark, the study explores consumer attitudes and expectations of company support for social and environmental issues.
-2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study